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Autore Topic: are with rounded edges. They have sturdy design  (Letto 1805 volte)
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ECommerce Article: Smart 3D Solutions from Anything 3D Corporation
Nowadays one of leading corporations producing software for
creating and processing Panoramas and 3D Images Anything3D Corp
proudly presents absolutely exclusive tool for e-commerce which
will covert web surfers to customers - turntables for
3DPhotography. These specific tools for e-commerce dealers help
to create 3D Images of any object that can be inserted to any
electronic documents, web pages, e-mails. Having 3 versions of
turntable we enable to transform an object of any size in a 3D
form. Thus Manual Turntable-22 is ideal device for you to get
perfect 3D Image of any collection, toy,When Hard Copy Documents Become A Liability, sculpture, etc. It has
19 cm. (7.5") diameter and can carry objects up to 150 lbs. Its
turning platform has fixed positions in every 10 degrees and
turning angle marks. It is portable and you can have it at your
hand every time you need. XT- 100 and XT -350 are used for
shooting objects with weight up to 100lbs and 350 lbs
correspondingly. Their platforms (17" and 40" correspondingly)
are with rounded edges. They have sturdy design, powerful motor,
built-in microprocessor and equipped with different indicators.
It is possible to adjust rotation speed and direction. Most of
the setting of the system can be adjusted using a convenient
Remote Control Panel. 3/8" Mounting system enables you to use
multi-row rigs and other additional equipment in conjunction
with the Photo3D system. In the kit with the tables you receive
black and white pull on fabric covers... Saves time in
post-production by eliminating the background. A system of
adjustable elements will enable you to set the turntable
precisely level. XT-350 has a specific feature of a voice
indicator which counts frames in a series out loud (very
important when shooting people). Sound control panel and 2
speakers are located on the turntable body. It is intended for
the ON/OFF voice indication and volume control. The smooth and
powerful engines of XT-100 and XT-350 allow full 3D model
photography to be done in a few minutes. Both of these
turntables have 3 modes of operation (auto, slave and manual
Our digitally networked society creates an ever increasing
demand for accurate information. We regard it as an important
challenge for the e-commerce to aid the user in close
understanding of the information about the product presented on
the site. Since comparatively recent time 3D computer
technologies has become the application that delivers all the
power you need today and remains competitive against these
challenges. It's intuitively obvious that 3D data enables better
and faster comprehension,cependant, better retention, communication and
When you work in slave mode your camera controls the entire
system. The table stops between shots allowing you to make
adjustments to the subject or the lights. This mode is perfect
when you are creating animated effects.
There is no doubts that a picture is worth a 1,000 words, thus
it goes without saying that a 3D image, that you can rotate,
zoom, and animate, is worth a 1,000 2D pictures!
Auto Mode enables single-button operation of the system. Just
set your camera, lights, and object; then press a single button
on the remote control and get a cup of coffee. In this mode, the
turntable rotates continuously. Your entire 3D image will be
ready in about 2 minutes.
About the author:
Sevilia Amir, 24 years old, sales manager,Social Media And Blogging Tactics For Increased Tr, Anything 3D
Manual Mode creates the most work for the photographer; it also
grants him or her the highest degree of flexibility. In this
mode the camera and the table are not connected at all, the
photographer controls both of them separately. This is used for
complex visual effects. There's no end to the products and
services you can order online. And yet, e-commerce is but a drop
in the ocean of our economy. Our 3D Immersion technology is
revolutionizing the way web surfers can see the world letting
them get a good idea of any consumer good or even a potential
love interest by looking at the computer monitor. As it was
mentioned above, not only we provide the hardware for
3DPhotography but we produce software for composing 3D Images
from 2D pictures - a revolutionary new approach in 3D Solution
worked out on the basis of many-years experience (A3D Photo
Builder ), and the applet for giving interactive presentations
for your 3D images (A3D Presentation Applet). Improve your
e-commerce site by enabling your customers to interact with
digital 3D images through our comprehensive family of hardware
and software solutions. Our suite of 3D products will help your
online customers to choose their next audio-visual devices, or
their next coffee table, their new office equipment or their new
suit. Even finding a date is made easier with our product...
Please feel free to visit our site to learn more about the
opportunities you get with our unique 3D solutions...
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