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Liu Buchen: Huang Guangyu Of Gome Will Not Fall
11 27, Beijing Public Security Bureau notified
Country United States Group Huang Guangyu Arrested by police investigating financial cases, while informed, Gome Huang Guangyu incident has nothing to do.
 This day the crisis is regarded as a turning point in the United States. Prior to that, because of all the rumors about Huang Guangyu are unconfirmed, leading to rumors that there are several versions,joilla on vahva sitoutuminen sek盲 halu on saavutus, and even lead to a listed company information release procedures questioned. Unconfirmed rumors also make the country the U.S. miserable, "started out of stock supplier," "suppliers are beginning to collect the debt", "State United States began to lay off," the United States directly afflicted countries nervous.
 28 days later, things change significantly. Including central
TV Taiwan, including many mainstream media began to deliver a more positive message: States United States the normal operating conditions, unaffected Huang Guangyu events.
 To 30,fornecendo ideais excelentes para importadores, from distributors of information that concern the country had fallen on concerns about the United States slowed considerably. More and more people tend to think: Gome Huang Guangyu events for fall is unlikely. According to 30, China Central Television reported that recently, domestic and international mainstream
 Home Appliances Supplier to the country have signed a supply agreement the U.S. Headquarters, the total amount has reached 30 billion yuan more than the United States to meet the country celebrate the 22th anniversary of the Secretary to prepare.
 Question is: Why do people think that Huang Guangyu of GOME events will not fall?
A little analysis will find that people had concerns, based on two guesses: First, Huang Guangyu event may be (GOME) corporate behavior; second, the national financial situation may exist in the United States are bad situation. The former means that the country could face U.S. sanctions, which the company suffered huge losses; which means that there are likely to face debt collection banks and suppliers, or even money-strand breaks, which trap operation to difficulties.
 Reality is that like? As already said, on November 27, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to inform the country the United States, cases and Gome Huang Guangyu has nothing, the U.S. has a direct impact on the country's highly unlikely.
 Other countries, according to the U.S. on November 28 announcement, company management to initial internal review,When it comes to choosing a career, and found no funds had been misappropriated assets of the Group, or occupancy. To be prudent, the country decided to engage an independent CPA U.S., the United States on the country risk assessment, and related transactions and the effectiveness of internal control systems are reviewed. This means that the current financial situation of the United States the normal state.
 Two guess not exist, States United States is unlikely to occur turbulent.
In fact, rational people that the United States down the country, not only inconsistent with the interests of suppliers, nor the public interest. To some extent, countries the United States is a social enterprise, especially in the current situation, the U.S. government is not willing to see the country fall. This is what we see: one side is a rumor-ridden country the United States, one side is the normal operation of the country the United States.
 Present, the national U.S. crisis management is still an orderly manner among the many positive messages for the release, is to dispel people's concerns. If nothing else, to Dec. 10, the United States on the country all the rumors, will go quiet complex.
 This conclusion, Huang Hongsheng events from that year can be part of the evidence.
More can be found, Huang Guangyu Huang Hongsheng events events and very similar: both belong to the Hong Kong listed companies, industry leaders, enterprises are implementing management team of professional managers. Even the bosses are
 Guangdong People are surnamed Huang. Beauty and the year the country's crisis management strategy Skyworth highly consistent: the parties and where the company will cut statement of support for suppliers, issued a document stability and internal morale, and so on. Some people say that the causes of the similarity with the strategy, determine the outcome of the similarity, Skyworth Huang Hongsheng and have not fallen, not because of Huang Guangyu of GOME and fall.
 Can predict is that the concern of the community Huang Guangyu events will continue, but the focus will shift to "the rich group in the end what kind of society should bear the responsibility." Of course, the law ultimately what kind of statement Huang Guangyu, also the public expectation.
 Information: Gome Huang Guangyu announcement to suspend its functions wife cuckoo
Huang Guangyu brother reports that the implementation of the "black gold media" program
 "Huang Guangyu, after" National America: to stop the expansion of school Wumart
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