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 il: 05 Maggio 2012, 18:05:34 
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What Every Person Should Know About Health Care Savings
Are you interested in saving on your health care needs? Do you occasionally need a prescription drug, only to have to do without because you can't afford it? How many times,das heißt, just this year alone, have you looked at your smile wishing you could go to the dentist?
Not only can you save on these needs, but you can also save on vision and hearing needs as well. With the healthcare savings tips below, you can take care of yourself and family members without going broke.
Save at the Pharmacy
There are several ways to save money at the pharmacy. If you own a business, both over-the-counter and prescription medications are tax deductible. When you file taxes, you can use medical bills as leverage to save on your tax bill. This adds up quickly when buying expensive prescription drugs.
There are also special discount cards designed specifically to save you dollars at the pharmacy. With these cards, you can get antibiotics prescribed by a physician at discounted rates and short-term medications such as painkillers, which you shouldn't have to do without when you need them. Also with many discount prescription drug cards and pharmacy plans, you can visit almost any major pharmacy chain.
Another way to save on prescription drugs is to always ask for a "generic" brand. Generic brands can be substituted for name brand prescription drugs if the physician permits it. Generic drugs are often less expensive but have the same healing properties. There are also herbal remedies that can sometimes be substituted for prescription medications. Check with your doctor and pharmacist to see if this is a possible solution.
Saving at the Dentist
You can also realize savings on your annual dental cleaning as well as root canals. Getting a crown can really make you dig deep into your purse. Luckily there are health savings plans that can help you with these and other orthodontia needs so your beautiful smile can be a reality instead of just a wish. Just as medical doctor bills and prescription drugs,en cas de maladie par exemple, dental bills are also tax deductible if you own a business.
There are also independent dental insurance plans you can purchase if your current insurance company does not offer a dental plan. You can use the Internet to research plans that are available in your state. Though these plans often have a very limited maximum payout per year, they can be helpful in saving on individual dentist bills if you go regularly.
Savings on Vision Care
Does a saving of up to 60% on vision care interest you? It should,"geschieht Urlaub zeigt ""immer von allem", knowing that a pair of eyeglasses just five years ago was well over $350! Not to mention the average eye exam at around $75. Yes, vision care can get quite expensive these days. You don't have to put off going to the eye doctor any longer just because you can't afford it. Most people do put it off for that very reason.
Healthcare savings plans and discount cards are also available for vision care. And yes,Indische Software Development Programm, this too is tax deductible for business owners. Another way to realize savings on eyeglasses is to keep your same frames when getting a new prescription. The new lens can be placed in your old frames so you won't have to pay for new frames.
With these savings, you don't have to feel guilty for taking care of your much-needed eyesight any longer.
Savings on Hearing Care
That old saying, "Nothing lasts forever" can be so true. It seems that the hearing is usually one of the first senses to start fading. You shouldn't have to be embarrassed when the time comes that a hearing aid is needed to boost your hearing. It's all a part of life. Whether you are more interested in ordering products through the mail or visiting a local hearing aid center near you, there are healthcare savings plans to help you save money on hearing products and exams.
Use these tips to realize tremendous savings on your health needs and live your life without worry of outrageous medical expenses!
For tips on how to sail, sailing for beginners, sailing tips, cooking asparagus, steaming asparagus , asparagus facts and other information, visit the Knowledge Galaxy website.
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 il: 05 Maggio 2012, 18:04:27 
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Aarkstore Enterprise - Gas Market Outlook In Myanmar 2010
Aarkstore announce a new report  "Gas Market Outlook in Myanmar, 2010 - Fiscal Regime, Investment Environment Benchmarking, Exploration and Production, Transportation and Supply-Demand Balance to 2020 " through its vast collection of market research report.
Gas Market Outlook in Myanmar, 2010 - Fiscal Regime, Investment Environment Benchmarking,gespalten, Exploration and Production, Transportation and Supply-Demand Balance to 2020" report is the essential source for Myanmar Gas market data. The research provides information on fiscal regulations, investment environment benchmarking, along with details of exploration and production,absolut keine, pipelines, gas storage and LNG assets, both operational and planned. The report also offers historical and forecast of natural gas supply and demand from 1996 to 2020. The profiles of major companies operating in the gas market in Myanmar are included in the report along with analysis of latest news and deals related to the countrys gas market.
This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by a team of industry experts.
The report will be checked for the latest information upon purchase. It will be dispatched within a maximum of 48 hours.
- Historic and forecast data relating to natural gas production, consumption, imports and exports for the period 1996-2020
- Detailed information on key fiscal terms like rents, bonuses, royalty,um sicherzustellen, cost recovery, profit oil, petroleum and corporate taxes related to the gas market in Myanmar is also provided. A sample calculation detailing how fiscal terms apply to a typical asset in the regime is included
- Historical and forecast data and information for all the major gas fields, pipelines,sowie auch offensichtlich genannten, storage facilities and LNG terminals in Myanmar for the period 2000-2015
- Operator companies for major gas fields, pipelines and LNG terminals in Myanmar
- Product and brand updates, strategy changes, R&D projects, corporate expansions and contractions and regulatory changes
- Key mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, private equity and venture capital investments, and IPOs
- Business description and strategic analysis of top companies in Myanmar -Petroliam Nasional Berhad, Total S.A., Chevron Corporation
Reasons to buy
- Gain a strong understanding of the countrys energy market.
- Facilitate market analysis and forecasting of future industry trends.
- Evaluate the attractiveness of the geography for oil investment in the light of government policies and the fiscal environment.
- Facilitate decision making on the basis of strong historic and forecast production, reserves and capacity data.
- Understand the geographys policies and fiscal terms, and their impact on contractors profits from upstream oil assets.
- Assess your competitors major crude oil assets and their performance.
- Analyze the latest news and financial deals in the oil sector of each country.
- Develop strategies based on the latest operational, financial, and regulatory events.
- Do deals with an understanding of how competitors are financed, and the mergers and partnerships that have shaped the market.
- Identify and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the leading companies in the country.
For more information, please visit:
Or email us at or call +919272852585
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 il: 05 Maggio 2012, 18:03:19 
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Office Depot, Inc. - Swot Analysis - Market Research Report On Aarkstore Enterprise.
Office Depot - SWOT Analysis company profile is the essential source for top-level company data and information. Office Depot - SWOT Analysis examines the companys key business structure and operations, history and products, and provides summary analysis of its key revenue lines and strategy.
Office Depot is a supplier of office products and services. The company sells its products under brand names Office Depot,Unternehmen sollten Sie beobachten, Viking Office Products and Viking Direct. Office Depot primarily operates in the US. It is headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida and employed 24,500 people as of December 2007. The company recorded revenues of $15,527.5 million in the fiscal year ended December 2007, an increase of 3.4% over 2006. The operating profit of the company was $476.1 million in the fiscal year 2007,während Sie auch glauben, a decrease of 31.9% over 2006. The net profit was $395.6 million in the fiscal year 2007, a decrease of 21.4% over 2006.
Scope of the Report
- Provides all the crucial information on Office Depot required for business and competitor intelligence needs
- Contains a study of the major internal and external factors affecting Office Depot in the form of a SWOT analysis as well as a breakdown and examination of leading product revenue streams of Office Depot
-Data is supplemented with details on Office Depot history, key executives, business description, locations and subsidiaries as well as a list of products and services and the latest available statement from Office Depot
Reasons to Purchase
- Support sales activities by understanding your customers businesses better
- Qualify prospective partners and suppliers
- Keep fully up to date on your competitors business structure,ainsi que le plaisir, strategy and prospects
- Obtain the most up to date company information available
Table of Contents :
This product typically includes the following sections:
Key Facts: Office Depot
Company Overview: Office Depot
Business Description: Office Depot
Company History: Office Depot
Key Employees: Office Depot
Key Employee Biographies: Office Depot
Products & Services Listing: Office Depot
Products & Services Analysis: Office Depot
SWOT analysis: Office Depot
*Strengths: Office Depot
*Weaknesses: Office Depot
*Opportunities: Office Depot
*Threats: Office Depot
Company View: Office Depot
Top Competitors: Office Depot
Location and Subsidiary: Office Depot
*Head Office: Office Depot
*Other Locations and Subsidiaries: Office Depot
For more information,Sans aucun doute., please visit :
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 il: 03 Maggio 2012, 14:44:24 
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Amd Spin
Said the company will focus on semiconductor design, improve profits and compete with Intel's top. See more exciting information
 AMD CEO Dirk Meyer (DirkMeyer) said the company would focus on Semiconductor Design, improve profits and compete with Intel top. You might say that Dirk Meyer
 shoulder the burden of the former CEO of no less heavy, but he is still to be played. When AMD CEO Dirk Meyer as the time, the company has just completed a complex business spin-off, spun off its manufacturing operations into a new company called Globalfoundries company. The transaction is AMD in recent years one of the important changes occurred. It had in 2006 for USD 5.4 billion acquisition of Canadian graphics Chip Manufacturers ATITechnologies, results show that the timing of the acquisition transaction very right. AMD ATI's assets will eventually be downsized by about half.
 While AMD's chip has been very competitive and occasionally more than Intel's products, but it has been trapped in a chip production plant construction and operating costs that can not extricate themselves. AMD's revenue last year was 5.8 billion U.S. dollars,lesiones personales y el lugar del accidente., but a loss of 19.5 billion dollars.
 AMD and AbuDhabi AdvancedTechnologyInvestment owned company in the newly formed Globalfoundries hold half the shares, Globalfoundries AMD's chips not only to undertake the contract, issued by other manufacturers also received orders for chip production. It is reported that,%252F%252Fwww.%2520ma%25C3%25AEtre-filiales-commercialisation.%2520com, Globalfoundries several chip makers already have customers, including TSMC, UMC Electronic Singapore, Chartered Semiconductor and IBM.
 Although AMD no longer the capital for the production of business expenses and trouble, but Mel is still faced with a daunting task, that is, with the technology companies Intel, the industry's most powerful competition. "Business Weekly" ArikHesseldahl recently interviewed on Dirk Meyer, the latter on the processor market and the status of the computer industry as well as AMD's new structure commented. The interview is as follows:
 Business Week: AMD's new structure reflected the biggest change is the company will not fully control its production plant, at least on the surface is so. From the operational point of view, this new operational structure with you in the most recent years has done something different?
 Mel: Roughly, there will be a little different, but actually not much different. We must provide good Globalfoundries expected. In the beginning,le leur est connue sous le nom de Google, we are its only customers; and for a long period of time is its largest customer, so they must go all out to provide us with the necessary products.
 Business Week: Globalfoundries Are there other customers?
Mel: they are in consultation with many customers Cooperation Matters. As the R & D and capital expenditure growth rate faster than the industry growth, so you will find some companies can no longer meet the needs of the production scale. So the whole industry has the scale of production will be concentrated in the hands of manufacturers, most manufacturers into assembly plants. Looking at the assembly plant now, only Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, a manufacturer with advanced technology and good performance. Other assemblers obviously do not have the above two conditions simultaneously. We found, first, those who want to look for an assembly partner companies would like to find a partner outside of TSMC; second, the industry will turn more and more manufacturers of non-plant operations. For these reasons, we believe that the establishment of an assembly manufacturer, there is an opportunity.
 Business Week: Now that AMD has to give up manufacturing operations, then on the AMD is the most important thing is what?
 Mel: We in the computer and server processors, graphics processors and video processors,les m茅diateurs peuvent 锚tre heureux de ce trop., has a lot of intellectual property rights.
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 il: 03 Maggio 2012, 14:42:51 
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How To Avoid A Fraudulent Locksmith In Houston?
Imagine being locked out of your car or house in Texas. You call up your relatives but they can't provide you with spare keys. Your first reaction will be nothing but panic, in all probability. In such a situation, your only option would be to call an emergency car locksmith. You think that they are the only ones who can help you when you are caught in such a situation. The sad part is that some of them can cheat you. Over the recent years there have been many cases of fraud by phony locksmith in Houston. This article will help you identify these undesirable elements of the society and in finding the genuine service providers.
Can They Get Me?
These fraudulent companies have many advertisements in the yellow pages, internet directories and phone help lines. A person in distress is more likely to call the first service he or she comes across. However,Playstation 3, as the Federal Trade Commission (FCT) pointed out in a press conference recently, you should research properly before hiring any of these companies. There are many phony locksmith in Houston who will quote you really low prices over the phone,de votre site web blog s'attaquer, but once they get the job done they will ask you for a ridiculously high fee. Also,Ce message est en fait le droit d'auteur, most of them are not trained professionals. Countless people encounter these phonies every year all over the US. If you are not aware, this could also happen to you.
What Does The Law Say?
In Texas, there are many laws that ensure that only the professionals and those with honest intentions are able to get their locksmith establishment registered. All the persons working in these companies have to be adults. They should not have any disturbing criminal history. Even an indictment in a trial with major class (A) charges, will render a person not eligible for being employed at a locksmith's or access control companies. The law also says that they should not have any such indictments or conviction for class (B) charges at least within the last five years. A locksmith in Houston cannot operate without proper registration with the state authorities.
According to these provisions you will have to provide the locksmiths with a valid identification before they let you enter in a building or vehicle. This is to ensure that no one misuses these services for illicit purposes. However, it also says that there can be exemptions under an emergency.
What Can I Do To Prevent This?
It is important that you confirm the credibility of these companies before calling them on the spot. You should ask them on the phone if they have a valid registration from the government. Also,World Wide Web. perp茅tuelle du trafic g茅n茅rateur. com, when they provide you with a quote, tell them in clear words that you will not settle for anything that is higher than that. You should also refer to the FCT helpline to confirm that there haven't been any reports of misconduct by these companies from the consumers.
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How to Cure Cancer - Natural Health Remedies
I want to tell you something *startling* that you may not know about.
Dr. Lance Moriarty, the Director of a medical clinic in Nairobi, Kenya (where 1 out of every 8 people is infected with AIDS or HIV), reported that "Some patients have literally been dragged back from the brink of death" from the use of the natural oxygenating substance revealed in "The One-Minute Cure."
The one-minute cure was given to 50 patients who came to the clinic suffering from AIDS or the HIV virus.  Thirty of them went into immediate remission and the rest reported an increase in energy and a sense of well-being.
This success rate is *unheard of* in the medical and pharmaceutical world where AIDS is still considered incurable,Marketing Organisation!  Dr. Moriarty went on to say that whenever the one-minute cure is administered into the community, "People come back to life. It blows my mind!"
The one-minute cure may very well be the secret to bringing any sick person you know "back to life." That sick person may even be you.
Let me ask you a question:
How would you FEEL if a sick person you know took a turn for the worse -- or even died -- when you could have shared the one-minute cure that might have healed them or even saved their life? How to cure cancer is an enormous business and topic, and for most people it's truly as simple as education.
You can prevent this from happening by giving the gift of "The One-Minute Cure" to yourself and everyone you care about.  How many people do you know who are presently battling disease, at the brink of death -- or don't have health insurance to cover their health conditions? What kind of difference could you make in their lives if you gave them this book?
Don't forget that "The One-Minute Cure" is not just for people with incurable or life-threatening diseases like AIDS, cancer and heart disease. It's also effective for everyday diseases like the flu and the common cold.
There hasn't been a single incidence of the flu or cold in my family ever since we've been using this one-minute therapy.
For this reason alone, owning "The One-Minute Cure" is well worth its price.  For less than the price of a single flu shot at a doctor's office (which costs $35 to $45 these days), you and your family could be immune not only from the flu, but from virtually all diseases,ce%2520qui%2520signifie!
The one-minute cure is also the best thing you can do to PREVENT yourself from getting all diseases characterized by viruses, harmful bacteria, toxins and pathogens because it brings your body to a state in which it's uninhabitable by these disease microorganisms.
But you must act quickly if you want to gain access to the one-minute cure because even as we speak, enterprises, cartels and agencies are conspiring to force this book out of circulation because it threatens their trillion-dollar earnings. Can you imagine what natural cures for cancer, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, even high cholesterol,de s茅jour et d'examen, yeast infections, and herpes? Those trillion dollar earnings would dry up a bit (or a ton) and cause some serious issues for the powers that be.
Get your copy now while you still can and discover the following:
* 7 major reasons why this simple therapy is being called "the world's greatest healing miracle of all time" -- and why it could potentially render most pharmaceutical drugs and medical treatments obsolete -- see pages 33-36.
* How you can self-administer this simple therapy at home in 1 minute -- this includes the exact protocol and the sources where you can obtain the natural oxygenating substance which is the cornerstone of this therapy.
(Note: This natural substance has been given the GRAS designation - Generally Recognized As Safe -- by the FDA, and costs only 1 cent a day to administer!) -- see pages 75-79.
* The promising breakthroughs currently being made in the use of this substance in the prevention, treatment and cure of Alzheimer's Disease and dementia -- see page 95.
* Why a prominent doctor who once taught gum surgery thinks this simple therapy may make all periodontal surgery totally unnecessary -- see page 66.
* How alcoholics can use this therapy to lose their craving for alcohol -- and how, with constant use,por%2520ejemplo%2520para%2520construir%2520una%2520lista, the desire for alcohol never returns -- see page 67. 
* How the ability of this natural substance to revitalize healthy cells caused a world-famous heart surgeon to use it to slow down the aging process.
Also featured are case studies showing how the therapy enabled older users to reverse the detrimental effects of aging, regain energy and mobility -- and even turn gray hair back to its original color -- see page 91.
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Global Orthopedic Devices Pipeline Landscape: Analysis Of Key Upcoming Products And Technologies
Global Orthopedic Devices Pipeline Landscape: Analysis of Key Upcoming Products and Technologies
While the leading orthopedic device manufacturers continue to be impacted by economic and regulatory challenges, factors such as increasing Research and Development (R&D) costs, a shortening product pipeline and increasing competition from small and medium-sized companies are putting additional pressure on these manufacturers to stay competitive and remain profitable. Considering the ever-expanding competitive landscape, it is important to have a thorough analysis and intelligent insight on the key orthopedic pipeline devices expected to bring in dynamism in the market.
Global Orthopedic Devices Pipeline Landscape: Analysis of Key Upcoming Products and Technologies provides key data, information and analysis on the key orthopedic pipeline devices expected to hit the market in the next seven years. The report also provides information on the market potential, market scope and expected market penetration of these products. It also identifies and reviews the existing competing technologies and the likely impact of the launch on the competitive landscape.
This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases,sind Sie in der Lage, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by  team of industry experts.
- Annualized market revenues data from 2002 to 2009, forecast forward for seven years to 2016.
- The report profiles each pipeline product with information on product description,Omega Constellation montre, features, benefits and advantages.
- The report analyses the safety and efficacy profile of each product vis--vis other competing products already in market.
- The report covers information on product details,een vriend, indication details and clinical trial status with projections on the market potential.
- The report also reviews and analyses the trends shaping and defining the markets that the products are being targeted in.
- Key topics covered in the report include the device-specific developments, M&A landscape and strategic partnerships expected to influence the launch and market penetration.
- Key players covered include Depuy, Stryker,werden Sie wollen, Zimmer, Synthes, Medtronic, Smith & Nephew and Biomet.
For more information, please visit:
Or email us at or call +919272852585
Aarkstore Enterprise
Tel : +912227453309
Mobile No: +919272852585
Email :
Website :
Follow us on twitter:
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Bird Teaching Suggestions
It is one of the keys to bringing up a wholesome, sociable, and well balanced parrot - a parrot that will not turn out developing behavioral problems. Should you use the suitable method, the coaching could be very easy, because parrots are extraordinarily clever birds. They have an inherent ability for studying new issues, and they really benefit from the mentoring process, because they find it very catalyzing. It inhibits boredom, which is one of the major causes of behavioral issues in parrots.
Hold parrot coaching periods very brief (i.e. not greater than 10 minutes). Any longer than this,kann einfach unter Verwendung von Techniken, and your pet will turn out to be drained, and he will not benefit from the coaching session. Choose a location for the coaching session that's quiet, properly-lit,müssen Sie eventuell die Möglichkeit, and a place where there aren't any distractions.
Make sure you are in the correct way of thinking for the coaching session. It's worthwhile to be feeling very relaxed, and very patient.
The very first "trick" you need to educate your parrot is the step up onto your finger, or arm. This is important, because it is the elementary ability that's required if you want to get pleasure from handling your bird. To teach a parrot to do that, you simply place your finger in front of  him, and,die allerbesten mit Backbone verbunden, utilizing a really calm and low voice, ask him to step up. If a bit of encouragement is required, you may surely offer the bird small piece of meals, however only provide it to him after he has stepped up.
Educate your parrot to talk by selecting  an easy word (e.g. hi there), and repeating it over and over to your parrot. When your bird attempts to copy what you could have mentioned, give him a bit of meals to strengthen the behavior. Do not attempt to enhance your bird's vocabulary by more than one word at a time, because it's going to simply confuse him, and slow down the progress. Additionally, please keep in mind that though most parrot species have the ability to talk, not all of them will grow to be "speaking parrots", so do not lose your patience if your parrot remains silent!
In conclusion, in the event you take time,Replica Cartier, and you're patient, parrot coaching isn't difficult at all. You have to to invest a fair bit of time into the activity, however you'll find the entire exercise to be very worthwhile. You will also be surprised at simply how rapidly your parrot will learn novel things. One the foremost benefits of training parrots, is that the human-parrot interplay that's involved can pay dividends, by way of making your pet a really wholesome, properly-balanced, and sociable bird.
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Kitchen Deep Cleaning Helps Ensure Effective Food Hygiene
In the high pressure environment of a commercial kitchen even the most efficient staff will find it difficult to keep everything thoroughly clean especially when there are some tasks, like high-level cleaning, that catering staff can't do because of Health and Safety regulations.
A kitchen cleaning regime needs to get to all those hard-to-reach areas to remove grime, such as around the feet of preparation tables, areas under sinks and in between cookers.
Peace of mind for anyone running a food outlet, restaurant, school or large commercial kitchen comes from a complete kitchen deep cleaning at least once a year.
Good food hygiene is crucial to ensure that the food for sale is safe. It helps protect customers and the reputation of a business, and, of course, observing good hygiene is necessary to obey the law.
Harmful bacteria that cause food poisoning can spread very easily. Food poisoning can be a serious illness,glauben wir alle so ziemlich alles enthält, especially among the very young, the very old and ill people,konnten wir sicherstellen, who are particularly at risk and for whom if can be fatal.
Cross-contamination is something to be particularly aware of as it can transfer bacteria from one food to other foods.  It is a particular problem with raw foods, where bacteria could be transferred directly when one food comes in contact with another.
Bacteria can also be transferred indirectly, for example from hands, equipment, work surfaces, cloths or knives and other utensils. Cross-contamination is a major cause of food poisoning.
Cross contamination can happen very easily. if storing raw and ready to eat food together, or if someone does not wash their hands between touching raw food and ready to eat food. Chopping boards can also be culprits, particularly if they are made of wood or if separate boards for raw and cooked food are not used.
Commercial kitchen hygiene is controlled by strict guidelines in the British food safety acts 1990 and 1995. The General Food Law Regulation (EC) 178/2002 is European legislation on general food safety.
The techniques for ensuring food safety include separating raw and cooked foods, cooking foods for the appropriate length of time and at the appropriate temperature to kill pathogens, storing food at the proper temperature and using safe water and raw materials.
However, these should all be underpinned by an effective kitchen cleaning regime. This is not only about keeping all surfaces used for preparing and cooking clean and germ-free.
to ensure they are working at the correct temperature refrigerators should be regularly checked ad they should also be kept clean inside and out.
The kitchen's extractor and ventilation systems are also an area that can get neglected. Over the cooker canopies and the ductwork leading from them are fitted with filters that should be replaced regularly.
However, the whole system, from filters through to ducting and seals needs regular inspection, maintenance and cleaning because these systems are very heavily used in commercial kitchens and deposits of grease, dust, bacteria and mould can quickly build up leading to both air contamination and a potential fire hazard.
A specialist commercial cleaning service can advise on maintenance and cleaning,zult u in staat om het te vinden op het internet., set up a filter replacement regime and organise thorough,die sehr hilfreich sein, regular kitchen deep cleaning regime at intervals tailored to fit the heaviness of kitchen use to keep all those hard-to-reach areas such as around the feet of prep tables, areas under sinks and in between cooking equipment grime free.
Copyright (c) 2010 Alison Withers
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Carter Sinclair Korea News UMass Amherst Nutritionist Will Collaborate With Korean Oriental Medicine
Carter Sinclair Korea News UMass Amherst Nutritionist Will Collaborate With Korean Oriental Medicine Center to Combat Type II Diabetes, Obesity
Carter Sinclair Korea News : Thanks to a new collaboration between the nutrition department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a highly regarded Oriental medicine center in Korea, researchers are now exploring Asian medicinal herbs as a tool for managing the global epidemic of Type II diabetes and obesity now sweeping through developed and developing countries alike.
Through a recent Memorandum of Understanding between the university and Chungbuk Oriental Medicine Center, South Korea, Young-Cheul Kim, a UMass Amherst assistant professor of nutrition and an expert in how fat cells develop in the body, will study molecular-level biological function of certain medicinal herbs such as the vetch, Astragalus, also known as milk vetch or huang chi.
In particular, Kim's laboratory will use his well characterized fat cell differentiation model to test a number of plant-based compounds or phytochemicals for potential anti-obesity and anti-diabetes properties, first in in vitro cell culture,Das Gute ist, then in whole animals and finally in humans. He says, "Overall, we are trying to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the development of fat cells in the body, especially by bioactive food components, with the goal to find therapeutic strategies for not only preventing chronic diseases such as obesity, cancer and heart disease,was Menschen am meisten Szenario zu Ihnen., but promoting overall health. These chronic disorders are all related to our diet, illustrating the importance of nutrition."
On a recent visit to UMass Amherst, representatives of Chungbuk Oriental Medicine Center were quite impressed with the collaborative environment here,der durch Louis Vuitton angegeben ist., Kim says, where he and other university researchers are already working with clinicians at the Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute (PVLSI) and Bay State Medical Center in Springfield on obesity research, for example. They expressed great interest in creating similar inter-disciplinary partnerships at the center in Chungbuk.
Despite its use for hundreds of years in Asia to prevent or treat certain diseases, evidence for health claims of the herb Astragalus is "limited" at present, according to the U.S. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. This is partly because one herb may contain so many different active components. As Kim notes, with new interest the time has come to investigate, with rigorous scientific methods, what compounds are present and how they work. Therefore, he says, "one of the goals of our collaboration with this prestigious center of Asian medicine in Chungbuk will be to identify any biologically active ingredients."
There is already some preliminary evidence from experiments with mouse cells in Kim's laboratory that an extract of the hardy high-altitude shrub, Rhodiola, also known as "golden root," inhibits the generation of new fat cells from precursor cells called pre-adipocytes. It acts by interfering with the genes that determine the progression of adipogenesis, or the formation of fat. Future studies by Kim and colleagues will extend the work to test more compounds and explore effects in primary cultures of human cells. If replicated, studies can move on to test effectiveness in whole body systems.
Though some may be surprised by the Korean medical center's interest in research on obesity and diabetes, Kim says these conditions have emerged as public health problems in Asia over the past two decades with the availability of fast foods and a tendency toward decreased physical activity.
"We know from immigrant epidemiologic studies that a balanced diet and exercise play a critical role in maintaining health, preventing chronic diseases and reducing the incidence of metabolic syndromes such as diabetes and obesity. Unfortunately we can now see obese children throughout Asia, and many more people with diabetes," says Kim, who grew up in Korea. "So the major research centers and food industry are now very interested to investigate the possible functional and beneficial roles of plants and herbs, as well as their nutritional value."
In addition to calling for collaborative research with UMass Amherst,#NAME?, the agreement with Chungbuk Oriental Medicine Center is expected to lead to faculty and student exchanges, joint workshops and other activities, Kim notes. In September, he plans to speak about the impact of bioactive dietary compounds in preventing chronic diseases at an international symposium in Chungbuk, Korea, and the following year at the World Oriental Medicine Bio-Expo in Jecheon.
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